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Texas Bitcoin Miners Secure Temporary Restraining Order Against Energy Department's Survey

Texas Bitcoin miners, represented by Riot and the Texas Blockchain Council, have successfully obtained a temporary restraining order from a U.S. district judge against the Energy Department's survey demanding data on energy usage. The legal action argues that the survey, described as 'sloppy', would cause immediate harm by potentially revealing sensitive information. This move puts a pause on the federal government's efforts to collect data on the energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining operations. The Texas Blockchain Council is confident in their strong legal case against the Energy Department's survey.

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MagicEden's $Meme Integration Sparks Bullish NFT Market Outlook

MagicEden, a leading platform in the NFT space, has announced a significant update allowing users to purchase any Ethereum-based NFTs using $Meme, a cryptocurrency associated with the memecoin community. This development, described as 'painfully bullish', marks a notable expansion in payment options, previously limited to ETH and USDC, and is expected to stimulate activity within the NFT market. The integration of $Meme for transactions also includes the ability to buy Memeland NFTs, signaling 'the beginning of the biggest project nfts ever seen'. The decision, described by some as a strategic move by a 'smart degen' within the MagicEden team, has been met with enthusiasm from the memecoin holder community, with expectations of initiating a bullish trend in the NFT sector. This move was unexpected as it 'was not something we formally closed with them', making it even more special for the community.

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Bitcoin Hits New High of $57,000, Liquidates $270M in Shorts

Bitcoin has seen a significant surge, reaching a new high of $57,000, a level not seen since November 2021. This rally has resulted in the liquidation of $270,000,000 worth of short positions in the last 24 hours. Ethereum also witnessed a rise, exceeding $3,200. The spike in Bitcoin's price has been attributed to various factors, including substantial activity in US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs and a general bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. The total market cap of the crypto market has now reached $2.25 trillion, more than double its recent low. This surge has sparked discussions about the potential for Bitcoin to reach new all-time highs, with significant liquidations of short positions and increased trading volumes indicating strong market momentum.

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White House Worries Bitcoin Mining Strain on Power Grid May Prompt Regulation

The White House has expressed concerns about the potential strain that Bitcoin mining could place on the power grid, as reported by Fox Business. This worry comes in response to the surge in Bitcoin prices and the increasing demand that outpaces supply. The administration fears that this situation could lead to increased regulation of cryptocurrency mining to mitigate the impact on the nation's power infrastructure.

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OKX Launches Turkish Platform on Feb 27, Targeting 35 Million Crypto Users

OKX has officially launched its Turkish platform, OKX TR, marking a significant expansion of its global footprint into Turkey, a country with a notably large crypto-engaged population of over 35 million adults. The launch was highlighted through various tweets by OKX and other crypto-focused accounts, emphasizing the platform's aim to provide a transparent, compliant, and user-friendly gateway to cryptocurrency and Web3 for Turkish users. The announcement was made on February 27, 2024, with OKX TR Chairman Mehmet Camir and President @hfangca at the forefront, presenting the platform at a press conference. The move is seen as a strategic step by OKX to tap into Turkey's vast crypto market.

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Crypto Market Reaches $2T, Bitcoin at $53k, Dominates 52%

The cryptocurrency market has achieved a significant milestone, reaching a valuation of $2 trillion for the first time since April 2022. This surge in market cap is attributed to increases in major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), which surpassed $53k and rose as much as 5.1%, and Ethereum (ETH). Bitcoin, accounting for approximately 52% of the entire crypto market, played a pivotal role in this achievement. The rally is partly fueled by the growing interest in Bitcoin ETFs, which are diverting assets under management (AUM) from traditional Gold ETFs. The total market cap briefly exceeded $2.03 trillion, indicating robust growth in the sector. This resurgence in the crypto market's value mirrors the market cap of tech giant Nvidia, highlighting the substantial economic impact of digital currencies.

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