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Estimating the future prices of Cryptopunks using Machine Learning.

Get a live estimate of the market price for any CryptoPunk by its ID (0 to 9999) Or any combination of attributes from the Larva Labs Website.

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About this Project

We train deep neural networks to estimate Cryptopunks values based on the attributes and transaction history. This is a hard problem that our team has worked on in the fields of poker and online search.

Only about 10% of Punks have active bids and offers at any point in time, and only a few hundred Punks trade on a given day. Most Punks don't sell for months, and many have never been exchanged for ETH since they were acquired.

We do this because we love the art! Stay tuned for details about how the model works, including open source code. 0% of these estimates are hand tuned in any way.

And remember, for entertainment purposes only, not financial advice. Ape responsibly.


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