Drones carrying explosives crash in Bulgaria and Romania, sparking security concerns

Drones carrying explosives crash in Bulgaria and Romania, sparking security concerns

September 18, 2023 at 01:30 PM

Bulgaria and Romania have reported multiple incidents involving drones carrying explosives landing on their territories. In the latest incident, a drone with an explosive device attached crashed in the Black Sea town of Tyulenovo, Bulgaria. A specialized navy team successfully detonated the 82 mm high-explosive mortar bomb attached to the drone. The ammunition was found to be damaged and could not be moved to another site. The Bulgarian Defense Ministry sent a special unit to inspect and deactivate the drone. Similar incidents have occurred in both Bulgaria and Romania in recent weeks. Romania has also discovered drone fragments believed to be of Russian origin near the Danube River. The Romanian military has deployed troops, radar systems, and air defense systems along the Ukrainian border in response to the drone attacks. The Romanian Foreign Ministry plans to summon the Russian ambassador to protest against the repeated incidents. NATO has stated that there are no signs of an intentional Russian attack on Romania. Residents in Romanian villages near the border with Ukraine have received air raid alert messages and have been urged to take shelter during the drone attacks. Progress is being made in investigating these incidents and efforts are being made to ensure the safety and security of the affected regions.

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